From the Author

I began writing poetry while completing undergraduate studies in zoology at the University of British Columbia, in fits of adolescent procrastination and an earnest attempt to define myself, my feelings and values. My initial efforts were heartfelt, but clumsy and indulgent.

After graduating, I landed a job with an environmental consulting company which had me writing and proofing reports about heavy metal and polyaromatic contaminants in marine sediments and urban lake eutrophication. I was also asked to provide a fly fishing article for the British Columbia Sport Fishing Guide.

I fell back into poetry when our first daughter was born in Toronto, excitedly cluttering several notebooks with sleep-deprived parental ramblings, even before our move to Calgary and the arrival of our second daughter. In 2010, was knee-deep in the protracted (and frequently distracted) process of assembling a first anthology of poems – called “Scribble and Rummage” – when my wonderful (and far more organized) wife surprised me by self-publishing it as a gift for my forty-fifth birthday, beautifully adorned with her own photographs. I’m not really sure that it was wise to encourage me in that way, but I will be forever grateful that she did.

While on sabbatical from the Calgary Boys’ Choir in February 2020, I self-published a book about singing called “The God-Given Instrument,” which has already sold hundreds of copies, been well received and reviewed.

“Natural selectionS” (September 2020) is my second poetry collection: over 50 nature-inspired poems, with amazing colour photographs by Barry Giles and my wife, among others. I have spent many days outside, recreating in “the church of the great outdoors” as a professional fly fishing guide, hiker and naturalist, so perhaps I have some unique perspectives to share.

There are currently three more anthologies in the works, including one on more serious emotional themes, one for younger readers, and the dreaded “COVID Chronicles!”

Paul Grindlay