Natural Selections




“Natural selectionS” is a book by local angling guide and musician, Paul Grindlay, containing over 50 poems about birds, animals, fish, mountains, rivers, trees, wild places and his relationship to them. There are four specific fishing poems, including the one below. The format is a full-colour, soft-cover 9×6″ with beautiful wildlife and scenic photography by Alberta wildlife specialist Barry Giles, Christina Jahn, the author and others. It’s available through Paul directly for $30 or by mail in Canada for $36 with postage and packaging, but you can currently also get it at Pages Bookstore in Kensington and Stonewaters, Canmore.

PERFECT (April 2019)
On a day like today
Everything else fades away
And the river washes me clean.
The sun on my skin
Warms my soul deep within
As I take in the beautiful scene.
When I’m almost enlightened,
The line comes tight and
A bright silver fish clears the water.
She darts and she dashes,
Dives, twists and splashes,
Then I reach with my net… and I’ve caught her!
On a day like today
Everything else fades away
As I put that fish back in the stream
With a whisper of thanks
To the fish and the banks
For helping me live the dream.


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